2. Global crisis

As I write this, Syria is a graveyard of bodies and hopes, civilians in Yemen are being slaughtered or starved to death, Boko Haram is creating terror in Nigeria and ISIS continues to slaughter innocent people and drive trucks into celebrating crowds.   Not that such gratuitous violence hasn’t happened before.   My parents lived through two world wars, the holocaust and the ensuing ethnic cleansing in Russia, when the numbers killed far outweighed the casualties of today.

However, we now face threats to the future of the human race on a scale never experienced before – nuclear warfare, climate change, a population explosion, a worldwide refugee crisis.

It doesn’t help that those in a position of power cash in on our fears and manipulate our insularity and xenophobia.   The suffering of the innocents – from those blown to bits by ISIS to the thousands drowned in the Mediterranean – be it by the Daily Mail, Donald Trump or similar voices – is exploited to promote their own wealth and domination.

So how can humanity respond to that which threatens to destroy it in a way which enables it not only to survive but also flourish?   We have to work out how to build and live together as a global community of communities.

February 2017