A global community

Last Thursday, Mark Zuckenberg, the founder of Facebook, issued his ‘manifesto’ for a better world.   At the heart of it was his vision of a global community of interconnected  communities – the latter being supportive, safe, well informed, civically engaged and inclusive.   The interconnected bit was where Facebook came in – and how it could help in making his vision a reality.

Zuckenberg was immediately lambasted for empire building and making a bid for prominence on the world stage.   The content of his manifesto was also savaged for being vague and utopian.

But let’s give credit where credit is due. At least he was moving from an obsession with the constant negatives being hurled at Trump – and attempting to offer a bigger vision.  It is a vision not dissimilar to that which this blog is all about – the kingdom community as the ultimate Reality and model for a global community – and the diaconal church – and other diaconal institutions – as the kingdom community’s servant.

Zuckenberg did not acknowledge or deal with the problem of incestuous and exclusive collectives which misuse the power of community to boost their own morale and seal themselves off from others – what I call the communal dilemma (Page 3) facing all those striving to create a global community.   It’s in the face of such exclusiveness that the gifts of the kingdom community really come into play – especially liberation, love and learning – very costly as they are to put into practice.

Even so full marks to Zuckenberg for trying to set before us a vision, which as Christians and those of other faiths or none, we have to grasp and earth if humankind is to survive and flourish.