Edale Valley, Peak District

As usual on a Saturday morning, today Sue and I went out on our Derbyshire walk together.   The Peak District National Park has been a fantastic stamping ground since we arrived in Bakewell thirteen years ago, and we have now traversed most of it.   Today we climbed up to the west of the Derwent reservoirs from where you can get one of the best panoramas anywhere of the Dark Peak.   It was a day of light clouds and sunny intervals but, on this occasion, no wind.   So the whole area had an air of spaciousness and tranquility about it.   It was the sort of place to help you get the daily affairs of humankind into perspective.   Not that people leaving a bomb on a London tube train, as happened yesterday, doesn’t matter.   But somehow I believe that we have to hang on to the recognition that this universe has a far deeper meaning – which we have barely glimpsed – than all the ups and downs of life, sordid or glorious can reveal.   For some people that meaning can only be an impersonal and heartless cosmos.   For me that meaning, despite everything to the contrary, is the power of a love that ‘in the end’ is supreme.   Call it foolishness or faith – but after over eighty years – there I still stand.