Grenfell Tower – symbol of injustice

Last week Grenfell Tower in Kensington went up in smoke.   I think that Amos would have had something to say about it!   However, in British society, we have long ago given up seeing such incidents as ‘an act of God’.   I don’t go along with making this or that person a scapegoat – the leader of Kensington Council has just been compelled to resign.   The fault lies with all of us – a society which we allow to exist wherein the rich are safeguarded and pampered and the poor are exposed to life-threatening risks.   Mea culpa!   I do precious little to prevent the consequences of such injustice.

We are in a mess at the moment and our politicians have colluded with this situation for their own ends.   Brexit was totally unnecessary.   Austerity was, at best, a gross mistake – and Grenfell Tower has in part illustrated that.   The recent ‘terror’ attacks in Manchester and London, as well as Grenfell Tower, are simply symbols of our inability to create a just and communal society.    Its about time we engaged in some radical forms of intervention to try and get things a little nearer what would deliver fairness for all.   At least Jeremy  Corbyn is trying.