May-be not

So Theresa didn’t get past the finishing line.  Not that the Tory party has been destroyed – simply that many people have notched up for the first time for years that it’s time to move on.   There have been a lot of positive things about this campaign.   But one that has been a sad commentary on politics today (and of course, at times, yesterday too) has been the vitriolic or cynical denigration of people as human beings.   Here the tabloid press has been a disgrace – spinning abusive headline after abusive headline about Jeremy Corbyn.   The labour party was mature enough not to rise to such provocation.   But for me it leaves a very nasty taste in the mouth as to immature and destructive influence of those who seek to set the ethical agenda for society.   Thank goodness for the Guardian!

I am not naïve enough to be oblivious to the fact that even worse abuse is at times going on through social media.    And that is a massive challenge we have to face in the future.   But that does not excuse the public media from blatantly  using its fortunately decining power, to engage in personal character assassination.   It’s about time we as Christians had the courage to speak out – in whatever form – on that issue whoever is the target of abuse.