Now it’s Scexit!

Last Monday Nicola Sturgeon announced that owing to the intransigence of Theresa May, the Scottish National Party intends to pursue a second referendum on Scottish independence.   Theresa May accused Nicola Sturgeon of playing political games.  But of course if the SNP is doing this so are the Brexitiers.   For the reasons being offered for an independent Scotland are very much the same as the ‘leave’ camp offered for an independent UK.

This is both laughable and tragic.   Laughable because the Brexitiers are being hoist by their own petard.   Tragic because all attempts to retreat into national ghettos are fruitless and ultimately destructive of any hope of creating what it utterly essential if we are to make it through another century – a global community of communities.

The difference between Sturgeon and May is that the former is at least seeking to leave in order to stay connected to a wider community.   May is simply perpetuating the communal dilemma and leading us, not towards a ‘great’ Britain, but towards a ‘little England’.

What has Christian faith have to say about this?   The kingdom community is our model and that can only be earthed in an open, diverse, inclusive and universal human community.   Anything going in the reverse direction is a denial of Reality and, cam only be ultimately, self-destructive.