North Korea and the USA – new ‘Christendoms’

The problem we face is not only with the church in the West being unable to shake clear of the  mould of Christendom.   The same is true of secular collectives, not least the nation state.   We are currently confronted with two nations which, cloning Christendom, believe they have the right to dominate the world scene – North Korea and the USA.   The relative size of these two competitors is not the issue.   The problem is that megalomania creates a reality for their leaders which drives their attitude to every other nation, not to mention to the well-being of humankind.

The old forms of Christendom were destructive enough.   But add to their exploitation of military power the nuclear factor and our world begins to teeter on the edge of self-destruction.   We are being warned that, without a vision of the world as a global community and the will – of every nation – to make that vision a reality, humankind may soon be past its sell-by date.