The human scale

I haven’t said much about discerning the gifts of the kingdom so far.   But before we can ever try and change the world for what we believe is ‘the better’, it is important to try and discover what God is already engaged in doing.   In The Kingdom at Work Project’, I have a shot at identifying some of the situations or ‘critical incidents’ in which probably God is ‘at work’ and where our task is to get alongside ‘him’.   A common feature of these happenings is that they exemplify the human touch and many are on a human scale.

Here is a worker who brings in some flowers to give life to the foyer of her company – the appearance of the entrance to any business speaks volumes.   Here are workers who draw up a list of personal services to offer to a colleague who’s wife died recently.   And here is a shop worker who, because she cannot supply a customer with what the latter wants, directs her to another shop which can.

Just trivial examples of ordinary courtesies?   Of course.   But also those simple, small human situations which reveal the gifts of the kingdom community at work and embrace the potential of that kingdom to transform lives and institutions.