What an election!

I never thought that Theresa May would make such a mess, and Jeremy Corbyn such a success of this election campaign.   Far from ‘strong and stable’ May has come over as weak and wobbly!   Her attempts to appear ‘strong’ have exposed her many weaknesses – U-turns, failure to sign up to our European colleagues critique of Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris agreement, failure to challenge his ill-informed critique of the Mayor of London after the latest terrorists’ attack, and her knee-jerk reaction to remove some human rights as a response to the latter.   She had milked Brexit for her own ends, turning out to be a very hard-line and intransigent Brexiteer.     Her confrontational stance to negotiations with Europe is the last thing that will enable us to sustain a good relationship with the continent and retain mutually helpful trading terms.

With Andrew Brown in this week’s edition of the Church Times, I do not understand her interpretation of what Christian faith means in our world today.   She seems hostile to any attempt to create a communal world and antagonistic to anyone who dares to ‘encroach’ on ‘our’ territory even if in dire need.   Her treatment of European nationals in this country is abysmal.   Empathy appears to be something she sees as weakness.   I genuinely fear for our society if she gets another term as Prime Minister.