Where’s the vision?

There is an ancient proverb in the Old Testament which states that ‘without a vision the people perish’. I fear that the Brexit negotiations, as the referendum campaign before it, appear immune to that salutary warning. Leavers seem obsessed with an agenda moulded by the naïve assumption that Britain can become great again through a return to Victorian isolationism and self-sufficiency. Remainers seem obsessed with the economic necessity of the free market and unrestricted customs regulations.  Where do we hear any reference to the vision of what a European union was about in the first place?  Maybe we are suffering from the fact that the horrific impact of two world wars is almost beyond living memory and has been sanitised by Remembrance Day mythologies. What we urgently need to regain is a vision of a human, integrated and open Europe if our children and their children are not to ‘perish’.